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Security Installers Berkshire

CCTV Explained

In this next clip we have provided a controlled environment to show you the same clip day and night with three different cameras makes. You will notice that during the day the difference between DIY and Pro mid-range and even high end cameras is hardly noticeable, it is what happens at night that you should be concerned with. For cameras to view at night an IR light is used, this works very well for nearly all cameras and gives a good overall view providing nothing is moving. The main issue with IR lighting is that many objects, clothing and faces are very reflective when exposed to IR light and cause something called white out. You will see in the clip this renders any identification almost impossible. (Please note that in our clip, we have external floodlighting and the subject is wearing a reflective jacket). Whilst we appreciate no self-respecting intruder would wear a reflective jacket, the clip is designed to show you how different cameras that at face value have the same image quality i.e. 1080p (2MP) but vastly different costs, react at night.
Good quality software will also further enhance recorded footage with analytics built into the hardware and software. Cameras can now distinguish and identify human movement from other moving objects within the cameras field of view. The same analytics can also prevent what is called false positive detection. This is where the camera or software cannot distinguish between light changes (the sun and shadow) or moving trees and shrubs in the wind from human movement. A very common problem with the majority of cameras that you are not normally made aware of. It is all very well you the customer being told the camera system you are potentially buying has movement detection, and can send an alert to your phone when movement is detected, but if that movement is a tree swaying in the breeze you will get hundreds of message from your cameras.

At the end of the day if you are after a basic system overview with situation awareness and are happy to look at any possible incidents after the event, and you are not too worried about the lack of quality at night, then you have a very large choice of systems at reasonable prices.

You may not buy from us we hope you do of course. But if not, it is the nature of business we understand. However, in an industry that like so many others seems designed to make life and decisions complicated, with a potentially expensive outcome. We hope that after speaking with us you are at least better informed about the decision you are going to make.
Security Installers Berkshire
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Security Installers Berkshire
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