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Security Company Berkshire
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CCTV has never been more widely available, and the choice from the DIY and professional markets is enormous. The information and technical jargon relating to modern digital CCTV systems whilst available to all via the web, and from installers, does not really make the customer's choice or decision process easy.
"We at Index like to think we are different in this respect, and we try to make you the customer better informed about making a choice. After all, whether you decide to spend several hundred or several thousand pounds, you need to be sure that you are getting a system designed to suit your needs and expectations."

If buying DIY you are taking a gamble, will it work, what if it goes wrong, who do I contact for help or support, is it any good... all perfectly justifiable concerns. If buying from an installer you are at the mercy of the salesman and his integrity in providing you with a system that meets the needs you have asked for.

In an effort to help with this we have compiled some short videos and a list of "jargon" speak, to aid your understanding. One thing we will make clear for you though, you get what you pay for!
Security Company Berkshire

The first three clips are footage taken from CCTV systems we have installed. Whilst relatively amusing when taken at face value, the point is one of clarity and detail of picture so that should evidence be required the quality of footage and identification cannot be disputed. Before you think that these are commercial grade cameras, the difference between commercial and domestic does not exist if you want quality. In the last clip, please note it is dark enough for street lamps to be on. Whilst there is lighting in the vicinity, the camera is still recording in full colour.
Security Company Berkshire
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Security Company Berkshire
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Security Company Berkshire Security Company Berkshire
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